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The DEATH-ANNOUNCEMENT website is a sincere and meaningful way to celeb rate the life of a beloved family member, friend or other who has passed away. It is a Place to pay tribute to that certain loved one while offering comfort to those left behind. We have created a user-friendly atmosphere, whereby one and all can login and share their thoughts and feelings, with the families and friends of the deceased. extends its deepest sympathy to Families and Friends of all those that have passed on. We pray that you have strength and courage during these difficult moments. May you experience this website as "The Space where you Share Comfort".


Only those left behind know the pain and suffering that death brings along, and no matter how long our existence here on earth, we will never experience the understanding to embrace death. Founders and Contributors have all been, on one occasion or another, part of such sad events. We have all learnt to respect those whom during those difficult moments showed and shared their sympathy with us. In our region, we traditionally travel from one country to another, even around the world, in search of a better life and at time when it is least expected………… Tragedy strikes! That's when many cannot travel or participate in their loved ones memorial service or burial. This website provides Families and Friends around the world the chance to do just that, participate, and extend their condolences, by signing the Condolence Album or even writing a poem. We further saw the need to assist families with the possibility to receive a love token from relatives and friends, by offering the facility of a money transfer service.

Our mission is to assist others within this healing process.

Be strong and have courage for the Infinite One will see you through.
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